Bitcamp Club is an after school activity that helps students become better developers.

We offer
Coding Hangouts, free courses for members, events and much more!

Coding Hangouts


We have after school coding hangouts from Monday - Friday from 5pm - 7pm to hang out and code. Our instructors will be present to help you with anything. This is a great way to learn more advanced topics and become a better developer!

Video Tutorials


Dive deeper with video tutorials that show you how to build applications from scratch and teach specific technologies to support your builds.

Events & Hackathons


We will be organizing exciting events and hackathons every month. There will also be exclusive events for parents of Bitcamp Students. Famous and Successful guests will be invited to give talks.

Bitcamp Community


If you're ever stuck on a course or challenge, our community forum is always there to help — you've got questions, they’ve got answers.

We are located in and hold all of our activities in Forskningsparken in Oslo

... all this for only


a month