Learn how to make your own games in the summer

Course Overview

What you will build

You will build three fully functional games using JavaScript. The games can be played on any computer or phone.

No prior programming experience required.


What you will learn

Idea & Mechanics

Learn how to design a game. From getting an idea through designing the game mechanics to interactions design.

Characters & Environment

Learn how to make characters, animations, and environment with respect to the game logic and interactions.

Programming & Testing

Turn your great game idea and beautiful pictures into a new game that can be played on computers and phones.

Tuning & Publishing

Learn how to adjust the game that your friends can play it and it is still challenging for them. Not too difficult.

What students are saying



It was fun to be here and I don't want to go. But I think it was fun because we kan draw, program and most of all that we could be with some amazing teachers!!!!!!!!



It was VERY fun and there are many nice people and we get many break, I recommend it

Course Overview

Available Dates:

Week 26

25th June - 29th June

Week 27

2nd July - 6th July

Week 28

Not offered

Week 29

Not offered

Week 30

23rd July - 27th July

Week 31

30th July - 3rd August

Week 32

6th August - 10th August

Week 33

Not offered

Days: 5

Hours: 10 am - 4 pm

Ages: 9 - 12

Language: Norwegian

Venue: Marineholmen

Location: Bergen

Cost: 3000,-

Students must bring their own laptop computers

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