Game Development

Idea & Mechanics

Learn how to design a game. From getting an idea through designing the game mechanics to interactions design.

Characters & Environment

Learn how to make characters, animations and environment with respect to the game logic and interactions.

Programming & Testing

Learn all you need to turn your great game idea and beautiful pictures into the new game that can be played on computers and phones. We will use innovative P5.js for rapid development.

Tuning & Publishing

Learn how to adjust the game that your friends can play it and it is still challenging for them. Not too difficult.

Web Development

Coding Basics

Learn the basics of programming with Ruby and code programs playing with variables, methods, loops and conditional statements.


Learn all about HTML, CSS and best practices in web-design. Get familiar with Bootstrap, a userful library to prototype web-applications.


Programs need to store information in a database. Learn to design a database by defining tables and connects.


Time to put all your skills together and dive into Rails. Ruby on Rails is web-application framework that lets you design and build powerful websites in record time.

Meet the instructors

Our instructors have years of experience from the industry


Web Developer

Rafid is a passionate developer who has been creating websites and games since the age of 11. He has taught programming to students aged 8 - 55 years old. Rafid is the founder and CEO of Bitcamp.



Game Developer

Petr is a App / Game designer and developer with 10 years experience in the mobile industry. Focusing on pervasive and challenging games. Creator of successful S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) Android game and summer 2016 iOS hit FoldSwallow (CZ).