Which language is the course in?

All courses for ages 12 and under are taught in Norwegian. The courses for ages 12 and up are taught in English.

What if my child does not speak the language very well?

We rarely have a problem with a child not being able to participate because of the course language. Most of our teachers and assistant teachers speak both English and Norwegian so they can speak to the student in the langauge they feel most comfortable in.

How young or old can the students be?

Please look at the age requirement for the course you are interested in. For our Mini coders course students can be born in 2012 or earlier. For our game course, students can be born in 2009 or earlier.

Any prior programming experience required?

Nope. All of our intro courses start from scratch and require no prior programming experience. For our level 2 course you must have taken our intro game course.

Do you teach Scratch?

No. So many other programming courses for kids are based around Scratch. Scratch is a fun programming language to use but it feels too much like a toy. We use JavaScript with a library called p5.js. P5.js makes it very fun and easy to build games.

Should I bring my laptop?

Yes, every student must bring their own laptop for all the courses except for the mini coders course. You can use a Mac OS X, Linux, Windows or Chromebook. Students will be provided a laptop to use in the mini coders course.

Do I need to install any software?


Should students bring their own food?

Yes, students should bring their own food.