Idea, design and draw

Learn how to design your own games. From getting an idea to thinking about the game mechanics and interactions design. Learn how to make characters, animations and the game environment. We look at classic games for inspiration and make our own versions.

Learn how to program

Learn how to program. We introduce computer science topics such as: variables, data types, functions, conditionals, loops and classes through building different games. The programming language we use is JavaScript, which is the most popular web programming language. In addition to programming concepts we also cover concepts in mathematics and physics, some of which are: coordinates, angles, operations and forces.

Publishing and presenting

You have finished your game, now what? We will show you how to publish your game so that anyone in the world can play it, on any device. After completing the game we will also show you how you can present your game to an audience so you can get your first users.


As parents we understand you must be curious about our classes and what the kids are learning. On the last day of our courses we invite all parents to join us to see what the students have made and talk to the teachers if you have any questions.

Have fun and make friends

The students learn a lot at our courses but we also have lots of fun! Our goal is to make our courses 10x more fun and engaging as regular school. By the time we are done everyone has made new friends!