Learn how to program by building your own games

Course overview

Bitcamp has helped hundreds of students build their own Apps & Games in Norway.

William says

Great course. I loved it I think everybody should do it.

What you will build

You will design and build a fully functional game using JavaScript.

The game can be played on any computer or phone.

No prior programming experience required

What you will learn

Idea & Mechanics

Learn how to design a game. From getting an idea through designing the game mechanics to interactions design.

Characters & Environment

Learn how to make characters, animations and environment with respect to the game logic and interactions.

Programming & Testing

Turn your great game idea and beautiful pictures into a new game that can be played on computers and phones.

Tuning & Publishing

Learn how to adjust the game that your friends can play it and it is still challenging for them. Not too difficult.

Course Overview

Dates: February 19th - February 23rd 2018

Days: Mon - Fri

Hours: 9 am - 3 pm

Ages: 9 and up

Language: English, Norwegian

Venue: Forskningsparken

Location: Oslo, Norway

Cost: 3100 2800,-

Students must bring their own laptop computers